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The Royal Flush Phillip D Farrara

The Royal Flush

Phillip D Farrara

Published 2012
ISBN : 9781434912350
Kindle Edition
19 pages
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 About the Book 

The beautiful summer season of 2009 took the Farrara family to New Jersey for a deep-sea fishing adventure in the Atlantic Ocean. Phillip’s return aboard The Royal Flush brought back memories of his experience of seasickness with his brothers and brother-in-law, and with it, nostalgia and unspoken wishes.At a time when the girls in the family were getting seasick and the boys were enjoying fishing, his brothers Andy and Mike, and ex-brother-in-law, Bruce, appeared to him in their young selves and took him back to an adventure he’ll never forget. Like magic, he was transported back in 1977 as a sixteen-year-old boy and was granted the unspoken wishes he yearned for.